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An inside look of Just Vicky Thingz:
I am excited to share my story with you!  In short: my battle with cancer has shaped me into the entrepreneur I am today. The therapeutic crafting activities that once served as a distraction from my illness have now given birth to a full-fledged business called Just Vicky Thingz. 
Hi! I’m Vicky, the founder and designer of Just Vicky Thingz. I started this business in the bathroom of my college apartment at Virginia Tech my senior year of college. I am raising money to purchase an automatic Hotronix heat press machine and would love your support! Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind my brand.
The Background:
When I was only 6 years old I was diagnosed with A.L.L Leukemia and underwent treatment for two and a half years. One of my strongest memories from my treatment was making wire and bead fairies with Margy the craft lady. During my treatment sessions, you could find me at the arts and crafts table in my doctors’ office. There I created tons of crafts, some of which I still have today. I believe that my experience with cancer helped develop my creative mind and passion for crafting.
As a college student, I continued to craft. I made a variety of pieces including wall hangings, signs, canvases and much more for my apartment. Aside from decorations, I also enjoyed making clothing. During my senior year at Virginia Tech and the fall 2017 football season I wanted to find something unique to wear to a game. So I decided to combine my love for Virginia Tech with my love for crafting. I tried something new and trendy and made an acid dye a gray T-shirt from a shirt that I bought at a thrift store.  When I shared a picture of the shirt I made on Snapchat, I was shocked by the number of people who asked me to make them one
After football season ended, I had about  30 pre-made shirts left over. In an effort to get rid of the extra shirts, I posted on my personal craft instagram, “Justvickythingz,” that I was going to conduct a flash sale. 
To my surprise, the shirts sold out within an hour. Not only did the shirts sell out, but I also received an excessive amount of orders. As I began to get overwhelmed, I turned to my family for assistance. I sold over  200 shirts in just two weeks.As the word got out about the shirts, I kept receiving more orders and messages. 
In February, Valentine’s Day to be exact, I became a registered LLC and since then Just Vicky Thingz has been expanding rapidly. Now just 10 months after opening my business, I have expanded to selling licensed greekwear, licensed “Virginia Tech” college gear, fulfilling large group orders and fundraising events like VT’s Relay for life. I am currently working on launching more college collections. My goal for the company is to obtain more licenses for colleges across the country. 
Cancer has played a major role in the development of this business, as the disease is what developed my passion for crafting. My fond memories of working with the craft lady have always stuck with me. I am not sure that I would have ever become the creative business owner I am today if I was not given the chance to craft daily for two and a half years. One of my favorite quotes and personal motto states, “grow through what you go through.” I grew through my experience with cancer by using crafting as a steady hand to hold.  What once served as a distraction from my illness has now created a rapidly growing business. 
Following my kickstarter campaign, I will be working on replacing my broken machine, expanding to new customers, and purchasing more licenses for colleges. I am hopeful for what is to come. 
Why JVT?
Every shirt is hand dyed and no two ever look the same. Just Vicky Thingz (JVT) shirts are unique and one-of-a-kind. When we ship a shirt to a new customer we are sending a message to them that they have a shirt no one else has.. We inspire our customers to be different and try new things. Every shirt is worn in a different way. From knotted to cut shirts we love seeing all the different fashion styles our customers come up with!
JustVICKYThingz shirts incorporate the old tie-dye culture from the  70s that encouraged people to express their free-spirited nature. We market our hand-dyed shirts with one goal:to be unique.  At JVT, it is our hope that our hand-crafted gear will motivate our customers to make differences in their communities. 
Here’s How You Can Help!
With your support, JVT will purchase a new Hotronix professional heat press machine, purchase more licenses for colleges, and do more fundraisers and partnerships for charities. Each college license is bought individually and grants you full access to use the official logo, mascot, and slogan for that specific university or college. Past partnerships include fundraising events for VT’s Relay for life, Maryland’s Relay for Life, Sigma Kappa’s walk to end Alzheimer’s, and Casey Shulman’s Shine On Swim-a-thon. 
As a cancer survivor, I feel inspired to give back to the community. I saw firsthand from age 6 to 8 how funding and research helps  pediatric cancer patients not only with treatment, but also in how it helps alleviate what the children are going through.  I was able to turn my sickness into a positive outlet for me to discover my passion for crafting. Because of this, JVT will donate 10% of the proceeds fundraised from this campaign to the art therapy program at my pediatric oncologist in Northern Virginia. 
Thank You!
Thank you SO MUCH for reading my story and learning more about how cancer inspired me to create my business. I hope my story will help others realize that no matter what they are going through, that they can overcome it and do things they want. 
I appreciate your consideration to share my campaign. All pledges are greatly appreciated. 
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