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Hokie Outfits

A unique outfit for anyone! 

All of our acid dyed shirts are hand dyed and made special just for you. Our multi-toned shirts turn out differently each time. No two shirts ever turn out the same.

These shirts suit everyone’s fashion needs and styles. They are unisex and worn by both men and women. Check out the outfits people have made for game day below!

TECH Crewnecks

Simple yet unique. This lettered TECH crewneck is perfect for colder game days. The white and orange lettering are bold and catch people’s attention. These crewnecks are nothing like anything you can find in other stores.

Knotted Shirt with Boots

IWe love this outfit! It seriously shows off her personality so much. V-neck shirt (that she cut), a knot tie at the bottom, a jean shirt, and cow boy boots. 


Virginia Tech T-shirt

Our T-shirts make for an easy go-to game day outfit. Throw on one of our shirts, some shorts, and converse and you are set to go! You will stand out in the crowd of Hokies in your one-of-a-kind Virginia Tech T-shirt. Since each shirt is hand dyed and made special just for you. 

Lettered shirts 

Want to show off your school spirit while supporting your greek organization? These Hokie colored letters are the perfect way!

Cut off Shirts 

Want to be different? Cut your acid dyed shirts to how you like it. We have tons of cusomters who modify their shirts to the way they like it. Not only is the dye pattern different, but so is the cut. Make your shirt unique.

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