Our Roots

What started as just a hobby for founder Vicky, JustVICKYThingz LLC has now grown into a business that handcrafts a variety of custom acid dyed apparel, based out of the Washington, D.C. area. The business started in Vicky’s college apartment at Virginia Tech where she made acid dyed t-shirts during the football season, now our company ships shirts all over the country.


Our Drive

We make shirts for different campus organizations, special causes, and create custom designs to cater to your specific needs. We work directly with you to design the colors, logos, and fonts to make sure you are completely satisfied with your shirts!


Our Quality

JustVICKYThingz acid dyed shirts are 100% cotton, ensuring relaxed and comfortable wear. The acid dye process actually removes the color from the shirt, producing a 3-6 toned shirt. Every shirt is hand dyed and the dying process makes each individually unique in its own way. No two shirts are the same.



Our Moped Logo

Inspired by Vicky’s very own blue moped, JustVICKYThingz is all about celebrating the good life. Life is about having fun, and we love spreading #goodvibez to everyone, everywhere…while wearing trendy clothes.



Our Mission

JustVICKYThingz believes in spreading #goodvibez to those around them by creating fun, affordable, and trendy acid dyed products for all. Our brand is built on a passion for crafting and creativity by creating stylish and unique products for our customers all over the United States. We help customers of all interests by accommodating their needs and designing clothing for every occasion, including a variety of nonprofit organizations and donating a portion of the proceeds.

Our People

vicky about

Vicky, Founder and Owner

Vicky is a recent graduate from Virginia Tech who started making acid-dyed t-shirts as a hobby during the 2017 Tech football season. Vicky has always had a passion for crafting, and after creating her first acid dyed t-shirt for football season and being inspired by friends to make more, she decided to start selling them. Vicky’s shirts gained popularity extremely fast, selling over 200 shirts through Instagram and Facebook groups within the first two weeks. With no intention of ever creating a business, Vicky kept taking orders and accommodating her customers as best as she could and now has a website, online payment options, an ambassador program, and supports many charities including VT and UMD’s Relay for Life.

Vicky is very excited to see what happens over the next few months. She is still amazed at how fast her business took off and is so grateful to everyone who has supported her along the way. She graduated with honors in May of 2018 with a B.S. in Human Development. Her future career plans include getting her Masters of Public Health (MPH) and becoming an epidemiologist while also continuing to establish her clothing line, JustVICKYThingz.

“I had no idea I was going to create a business, and honestly I really didn’t even know how much work running a business would be. But people loved my shirts and  I was so encouraged by them to start my business. I really appreciate the Hokie Community that helped me build my accidental business!


PR Assistant

Mimi is JVT’s newest team member and we are so excited to have her! She recently graduated from Ohio University in May 2018. Mimi received a degree in Journalism focusing on strategic communications. She has helped with outreach and awareness about our company through our social media platforms by creating writing content and new marketing tools including our LinkedIn page.

Program Assistant

Meagan joined the JVT team in April 2018 as our first business assistant and works virtually. Meagan is a fellow Hokie from Virginia Tech who graduated in 2017 with a degree in Public Relations. She has helped us create a number of social media and marketing tools including our Ambassador application and July 4th t-shirt contest.

Business Assistant

Sandy is JustVICKYThingz’s first supporter and assistant! Vicky’s mom Sandy was her go-to person when her hobby of making acid dyed shirts took off in January 2018 and rapidly turned into a business. When the orders got crazy, Vicky turned to family members for help and her mom’s support played a huge role in the development and organization of the business. Sandy not only helped hand-dye tons of shirts and other products, but also helped create JustVICKYThingz’s first website and set up online ordering. If it wasn’t for all her help and encouragement, we would not be where we are today. We are so thankful and appreciative of everything she has done for this company.

Ambassador Program

JustVICKYThingz  (JVT)  is excited to announce we are starting an Ambassador program! Ambassadors are people who represent and talk about JVT in a positive way to people around them. They should be interested and motivated in representing our brand and reaching new clients.  Their potential responsibilities include marketing the shirts, posting on social media, giving out stickers or other giveaways, organizing group orders, and taking photos in their shirts. Please note that acceptances into this program are rolling. If selected to be an ambassador, you will be contacted via email within a month of submitting your application. Apply here!

We are always looking for new ideas, products, and suggestions to keep our customers excited. Take a look at our work and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We love hearing from you!

Our Supporters